polka dots & tulle

While in Paris, I tried to embrace my inner Parisian by wearing darker colors (to only some success) and letting my hair run wild like the casual, chic French girl I wish I was.  The weather was so lovely that I literally felt like I was in a fairytale as I walked around the city.  The tulle helped.  

That morning we went to Claus for a proper brunch (the first of the semester--we had our second one this past weekend at The Blue Legume in Islington.  These Portlanders need their brunch fix...).  We were unable to get in on my birthday, so I was happy to be able to eat there before we left Paris.  

I did not want to leave Paris.  France was so kind to us, with Nice's views and Paris' magic.  We spent our last full day there going to the Musee de l'Orangerie and the Eiffel Tower, where we had a picnic of bread, cheese, cheese, strawberries, bread, and cheese, followed by two hours waiting in line to get a lift up the tower.  We saw the glittering lights of the city from the top.  When we came back down to reality, I accidentally ordered fries and saw the tower sparkle.

Top/J.Crew, Skirt/Urban Outfitters, Necklace/Kate Spade, Tights/Topshop, Shoes/Dansko

21st birthday princess takes on paris

My 21st birthday was one of my most magical days to date.  We were in Paris and I set out to treat myself (with the help of some generous relatives). After brunch, we set out for the Champs-Elysees, where we went to Laduree.  I bought myself a box of macarons and marveled at the ornate pastry shop complete with a tea room and bar.  I ate half of mine throughout the day.  We sat on some grass and soaked up the glorious sun, and eventually made our way to the original Chanel, where I intended to buy myself some perfume.  I promised 2009 Kaylie that I would buy more Coco Mademoiselle next time I went to Paris, and so I did.  

This time it was an incredible out-of-this-world experience.  After I chose my perfume, the woman carefully wrapped it up with beautiful gold paper,  sheer ribbon, and a white paper camellia.  Yes, I now have Chanel craft supplies and I could not be happier.  It didn't stop at that.  I was taken to a small room to sit down on a comfortable chair while another woman had me pay and typed out a receipt.  It was an elaborate process that was completely unnecessary, but maybe this was because most people sitting in that chair would probably be spending a lot more than I was (which was already a lot).  Those people would definitely need to sit down to hear the damage.  I was then asked by the first woman if I wanted complimentary tea as she gave me the bag.  I said yes and mentioned the perfume was my birthday gift to myself.  She promptly offered tea to the rest of my friends.  And there we sat.  In Chanel.  Drinking tea amongst expensive shoes, across from a very happy young woman with what appeared to be her sugar daddy.  I don't know how we ended up in this situation, but I honestly don't think I will feel that glamorous again in my life.  I'm so happy I had some friends to share in the absolutely insane experience!

After a little downtime, we got TACOS!  It was wonderful.  I tried to have a margarita, but it was weirdly spicy and my stomach was not a fan  That night I planned to at least do a little of the "American 21st birthday" thing, but I was not feeling up to it, so I didn't (I succeeded the next night, and it's safe to say, I will never do that again).  Ted and I ended the night in Montmartre, which was such a lovely conclusion to my birthday.

photos by ted

photo diary: spring break in nice, france

A few highlights of many:  the lovely sea, sunny weather, gelato, carnival decorations, delicious Italian food (the pizza!), a day trip to Eze village, an adventurous night in Monte Carlo, pre-birthday shopping, beautiful views everywhere shared with fabulous people.

first & last photos by ted