polka dots & tulle

While in Paris, I tried to embrace my inner Parisian by wearing darker colors (to only some success) and letting my hair run wild like the casual, chic French girl I wish I was.  The weather was so lovely that I literally felt like I was in a fairytale as I walked around the city.  The tulle helped.  

That morning we went to Claus for a proper brunch (the first of the semester--we had our second one this past weekend at The Blue Legume in Islington.  These Portlanders need their brunch fix...).  We were unable to get in on my birthday, so I was happy to be able to eat there before we left Paris.  

I did not want to leave Paris.  France was so kind to us, with Nice's views and Paris' magic.  We spent our last full day there going to the Musee de l'Orangerie and the Eiffel Tower, where we had a picnic of bread, cheese, cheese, strawberries, bread, and cheese, followed by two hours waiting in line to get a lift up the tower.  We saw the glittering lights of the city from the top.  When we came back down to reality, I accidentally ordered fries and saw the tower sparkle.

Top/J.Crew, Skirt/Urban Outfitters, Necklace/Kate Spade, Tights/Topshop, Shoes/Dansko

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Maggie Shirley said...

SUCH A CUTE OUTFIT. You should embrace your inner Parisian always.

I miss you!