last of the summer crafting

A couple days before I left, I had some friends over to hug and hang out and eventually say goodbye until the holidays.  Erin even came over in the dress I made her!  I'm really critical of everything I sew, but Erin made it look adorable with her accessories and natural beauty.
Since it had been much too long, and I had promised my grandpa to make him chocolate macarons sometime, I decided to bake some chocolate macarons filled with nutella for his birthday.  They actually turned out pretty delicious!  

Well, now I'm back to school, syllabi, and social awkwardness.  I'll post about my room once it's all shaped up and pretty.   


Anastasia said...

I'm drooling over the macarons.... the dress is also super cute, you are very talented.

Bookish.Spazz said...

Yummy yummy macaroons!

Also, that dress is adorable! You're a really awesome seamstress!

Natalie said...

I have never had a macaron, much less a chocolate one filled with Nutella... I think I am seriously missing something in my life.

Kendall said...

Cute! And those chocolate macarons (with Nutella!) sound like heaven.

Jan-ee said...

That dress is amazing!! Great job!!!!!!!!

Guess i ll request those macaroons for my b day too!

Miss you ....keep blogging!

lina said...

you MADE those macaroons?! oh my goodness!! i am impressed. they look amazing.