photo diary: bend, or

This weekend I went on my first college outdoors trip!  I can't believe I haven't taken advantage of this awesome program my school has to offer until now.  A small group of us went to Bend, OR to hike and learn about astronomy and geology.  We stayed at the historic Skyliners Lodge, which was built in the 20s by a group of Norwegians and Swedes.  They chose the location based on how likely it was to snow there so they could have prime time for skiing.  Of course, the second night it snowed!

Things we did:
  • Looked at Jupiter and some sweet constellations (too bad I was way too short to use the telescope properly)
  • Hiked the lava lands and had lunch at the top
  • Hiked around the Deschutes waterfall and was overwhelmed by the beauty of Oregon
  • Learned & forgot every tree we saw
  • When the awesome soaking pool wouldn't take us because not all of us had IDs, we went to a fancy outdoor mall for an hour or so with a giant REI, people celebrating Homecoming, a cool spice shop with yummy samples, crazy little girls around a fire pit, and a couple that Ted kept bothering with overly friendly small talk
  • Ate a satisfying pasta dinner while a fire kept us warm and cozy
  • Woke up at 3 in the morning to watch a meteor shower with no such luck
  • Looked for awesome colorful lava rocks while people shadily used the open space below for a shooting range
  • Saw a 330 feet cliff with an old bridge built over the Crooked River
  • Went to a rock farm with 31 peacocks, 2 scary growling emus, cattle, and so many rocks
  • Ate too many snacks
  • Drove back to the rain (it was nice to have a couple days of sun even though it was quite chilly)
I'm probably missing something, but you get the gist.  It was a lovely time, and I am really proud of myself for branching out and trying something new.  I'm not really an adventurer by nature---I kind of have to talk myself into new experiences, even though I am usually really happy once I'm in the moment.  I can't wait to explore more of Oregon!


Bookish.Spazz said...

I think it's beyond adorable that you're so short! Like, when I read the telescope thing, I just giggled.

It's so cool that you went on the trip! Everything that you did looked/sounded awesome!

Dillon said...

The Pacific Northwest is so pretty in the fall, looks like a great time was had. (Also, no such thing as too many snacks!)

Maggie Shirley said...

I love your photo diaries. So glad you had a good time. I so hope you and Ted can come to the meet-up! <3

Kayleigh said...

What a cool photo diary! Lovely pictures, and of such a beautiful environment, too! I'm glad you had a good time, even if you're a wee bit short! :)

kate said...

These photos are so gorgeous, and I'd bet it was so magical in person. P.S. I like your jacket!

Amanda said...

Wow that sounds like super fun! absolutely wonderful photos!

▲my• said...

what a lovely trip!