things to bake this winter break

1. Festive macarons
photo via tumblr

2. Peppermint and/or chocolate-dipped marshmallows 
found via tumblr

3. Some kind of soufflé
found via tumblr

Ugh, why is it that most of the baking recipes I lust over and want to dominate are French and tres difficil?  I am still waiting for the day my macarons put up no fight and say, "Touché, Kaylie.  You win. We are very beautiful and also quite delicious.  Enjoy our perfect pieds (feet)!  Congrats on your hard work and diligence." Well, until then...

Happy Holidays


▲my• said...

those treats sound delicious!

shelbyisms said...

I feel like we should be blogger friends because it seems like we are mutually connected through some lovely ladies.

I never have time to bake. Never. And it's one of my favorite things to de, despite my inability to do so "well." Oh well.

The treats look yummy.