favorite tv costume design

Glee - Lou Eyrich (2010 Emmy nominee)

Boardwalk Empire - John Dunn

Gossip Girl - Eric Daman

Sex & the City - Patricia Field (2000-2004 Emmy nominee, 2002 Emmy winner)

The wonderful thing about television costume design is that it follows the transformation of the characters in a way that is more in-depth and gradual.  In movies, a character's style usually remains stagnant or is sped up to signify a passage of time, but in television each season gradually brings something new to a character depending on the character's progression.  Someone like Carrie Bradshaw, for instance, is known for her madcap style.  However, her unique brand of fashion certainly evolved and matured over six seasons of Sex & the City as she evolved and matured.  The cool thing is that throughout this change, the essence of Carrie is always evident.  Much like a cartoon character wears the same thing every single day, a TV character develops an everyday style that is unique to them.  My favorite thing in the world is to be out shopping and pick up a piece of clothing and say with confidence, "This is so Blair!" or "I could totally see Santana wearing this."  Even if the item is something I wouldn't dream of wearing myself, it awes me to think how much thought is put into these characters' wardrobe to express their personalities week after week.  How magical is that?  Not to mention that shows like Sex & the City, Gossip Girl, and Mad Men inspire new trends in fashion.  (Disclaimer:  Mad Men would certainly be on this list if I watched it.  I need to start season one ASAP.)  Don't even get me started on period dramas!  HBO gives me such heartache with its epic TV shows and miniseries.  I love Boardwalk Empire, but it leaves a hole in my heart that only the twenties sending me its wardrobe can fill...

Forever in lust, 

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