summer ancedote #1


Wake up at 10:30 am.  Had to recharge after epic Gossip Girl marathon with Erin.

Make a pact to eat healthy all day.  (Grad parties really got the best of me.)  Eat fruit for breakfast.

Download A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequal soundtracks off Bandcamp.  Feel totally awesome.

Transfer my iTunes purchases to my new laptop.  Realize how much money I have spent on music alone.  Want to find a time machine.  SRSLY OMG WHY

Get a phone call from Melanie.  Anthro is hiring?!  Change from PJs to dress and hat in .75 minutes flat.

Eat stir fry and noodles.  OUT THE DOOR.  APPLICATION.  BAM.

Stay home to watch sister for the night.  Back to PJs.  Read Harry Potter for two and a half hours.

Make dinner for my sister and her friend.  Make pasta for myself (asparagus ravioli with the works).



▲my• said...

I could use a Gossip Girl marathon :)

Anthro is hiring? :D
I think I have an application somewhere in my desk...
*knows what she's doing tomorrow*

Sounds like a good day!

Breeze said...

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