friday night craft

So I had a pretty undeniable urge to stitch this sky blue crocheted collar to a cashmere sweater that was a hand me down from Nicole a few years back. I have no idea where the collar came from or if it was even intentionally meant as a collar, but I am quite glad it found me. I chose magenta embroidery floss to offset the evident old lady vibes the collar possessed and settled in on my bed with Bravo (so good!) to accompany me. I think it turned out really nice, especially paired with my trusty khaki pants that I have had since literally the fourth grade that have since been cut and rolled up to act as shorts. The whole look seems a little Lorick, but I could just be flattering myself.


Nicole said...

So so so cute!!! You are so talented and lucky you can sew so well. Who's you pick in Project Runway. I like Kenley but her attitude stinks. Jarrell is pretty good, too.

Kaylie said...

Thank you!

Yeah, Kenley is adorable, but can be pretty disrespectful! I also like Leanne for her delicate, structured designs, and Jarrell for having a distinct point of vierw. I wish them all the best in life! Heh. I can't wait for Wednesday. I love when Tim visits their homes.

katelyn! said...

wear it to school, bozo