youngest old lady ever: the daily goings of a nineteen year old

Let me introduce you to THE BEST THING EVER -- AVOCADO FRIES!!!!!!!!

Make them ASAP if you love avocados and you love yourself.  I made them twice this past week.  I have to pace myself, you guys....  BUT THEY ARE SO GOOD.
Last Sunday I helped out my grandma with her new garden box she got for Mother's day.  My cousin Nate knew what he was doing, so he helped us out.  I need more gardening in my life!

I'm really enjoying being home and being able to spend quality time with my family, whether it means gardening, knitting, going out to eat, or watching The Bachelorette!  Love all of you lots!
This summer has been the summer of sewing.  I have been doing a ton of sewing at work, but I am just starting to get into some personal projects.  I bought some cheap fabric the other day and found a use for it that night.  The pattern I used was from 1968.  Of course, I made a few adjustments:  Smaller fit, two fabrics instead of one, and no ruffles around the top wrap.  I still need to make a proper belt for it--the one shown above is one I own, but works really well with the dress!

Next I am going to start working on this dress (version B) for Erin!  I can't find an exact year, but I'm assuming it's from the mid-to-late 50's.  We picked out an adorable grayish baby blue for the dress and a mustard yellow (aka Erin's signature color) pattern for the accents.  Can't wait to start this one!

Between all the cooking, gardening, sewing, and knitting, I am either an old lady with nothing else better to do or a very busy housewife.  Either way, I'm a happy Kaylie.


janee said...

I am very proud of ALL your projects!!

Bookish.Spazz said...

Ahhh your dress is so adorable! I'm going to HAVE to buy one as soon as you open up an Etsy shop!

Also, I'm probably going to make those avocado fries.