10 things that make me happy

Adorable mugs made by Melanie.

Sunset on South Mountain with the fam.

This random photo from freshman year that Ted found.

This, just because.

8tracks.  Obsessed.  Expect some personal mixes on the blog in the near future!

My favorite nachos after seeing The Hobbit for the second time with my dad and sister.  (PS we saw a dog with dreadlocks.)

Beautiful hike with beautiful friends (pictures to come)
New Years Eve at Dahlya's (pictures to come)
Watching excessive amounts of HGTV with the fam
Planning Ted's visit in a week

What's making you happy today?


Lizzie said...

I'm happy today because I know I'll be seeing a good friend on Saturday!

Those mugs are super adorable.

Kendall said...

Those mugs are so cute! And isn't 8tracks the best?

Your blog always reminds me of all the wonderful little things in the world.

Rebecca said...

Ahhh HGTV = love

Lizzi said...

This entire list made me so happy!