photo diary: ted's visit, day 1

Merchant Square & Pittsburg Willy's
I introduced Ted to my favorite antique store and pierogis.  We had fun taking pictures outside in the junkyard.  Ted is such a goose. 
Homemade curry at Dahlya's
After antiquing, Ted and I went to Dahlya's to hang out and try some of her wonderful veggie cooking.  She's pretty much a goddess.    
Zoyo with Melanie & Rachel
Wednesdays are half-off if you wear pajamas, so we got in our pjs and had a lovely time.  Of course we ran into 238293 people from high school, just as I warned Ted of.  We split two yogurts.  Ted works at Golden Spoon, so you can probably guess which one he did.

After our day out, Ted and I relaxed and watched Just Friends.  It was so nice to finally have him here with me!

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Maggie Shirley said...

So cute. I cannot deal.