photo diary: ted's visit, day 4 & 5

Bagels & Les Mis
Ted was determined to get some bagels, so we found some at Kokobelli and then headed to the theatre to see Les Mis.  Didn't cry as much as anticipated, but maybe that's because I was so happy Ted was in AZ with me.

Sushi with the fam
After being turned away at our first sushi attempt (too full), we found ourselves at Sakana. It was delicious, and we even tried real wasabi for the first time.

Baking & Sherlock
Ted takes his baking seriously.  So naturally, he doesn't want me to interfere.  He made me watch Sherlock and lend an occasional hand while he made brownies from the baking book I gave him last Christmas.  Boy, were they good.

Grandma & Papa's for lunch
On Sundays, my family and I always go to to my grandparents' for lunch.  I was so excited to have Ted come with us!  We had a wonderful home cooked meal and spent some quality time with the family and dogs.

SandwichesCrème brûlée, & Coupling
Ted and I are a sucker for a good sandwich, so we picked up some avocados from Sprouts and make some awesome turkey and chicken sandwiches.  Yep, multiple sandwiches.  Oh so good, especially with cider.  Then my mom and Ted were the cutest ever and made crème brûlée.  Unfortunately it had to be refrigerated for three hours, so Ted and I watched some episodes of Coupling and blow torched one later that night.  C'etait magnifique!

The next morning Ted went back to CA, and I was sad. But now we are back in Portland, so hooray!

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Lizzi said...

Everything about this post was adorable! Your Papa reminds me of Santa Claus, haha!

Man, everyone in the Blogger Family has been talking about food, making me so hungry! Time to bake!