photo diary: ted's visit, day 2

Downtown Mesa
We walked around Mesa Arts Center and its small gallery, then we got a cookie at Sweetcakes to share with a chai at Lofi Coffee.  Lovely.
Lunch with Kate
After much anticipation, Kate and Ted finally met over delicious sandwiches and fries at Flancer's.  It was wonderful!  It was about time these two met.  I love them both so much!
Once school was let out, the three of us went to visit my much-loved yearbook advisor.  It was great catching up and introducing Ted.  Yearbook will be a part of my heart forever.

After a lovely dinner with my family, I went to make myself useful to Rachel for the impending wedding day.  Thankfully Ted didn't mind playing video games with my dad while I did this.  What a keeper.


Anastasia said...

lovely memory making

▲my• said...

So much wonderful! You and Ted are so cute!

I was thinking that was the Mesa Arts Center, and then I scrolled down :)