eat here: la petite provence

This past Sunday morning Ted and I finally succeeded in getting up early enough to drive somewhere for breakfast.  We were definitely rewarded.  We went to Southeast Portland to La Petite Provence.  I loved the vibe, and the food was très délicieux.  The standout dish was definitely the flavorful and savory Salmon Hash--the perfect companion to the croissant and sweet berry french toast.  We will definitely be picking up a Valentine's Day pastry in the near future.

I love our little outings.  We have tried to cut back on them this school year because we're broke college students, but that makes the times we do go out even more special.  I'm so lucky to have found an adorable foodie boyfriend to share a nice meal with once in a while.  Excited for our Valentine's Day date already!


shelbyisms said...

Ted reminds me of Duff from Ace of Cakes. I like that guy.

Dillon said...

Literally salivating over how delicious everything looks.
You and Ted are adorable.
Also Shelby's comment = the best.

Natalie DiCenzo said...

You guys are so adorable! All of that looks supremely delicious. I mean, all breakfast foods normally are the best, so it's not surprising, but yes.

Lizzi said...

What Shelby said!

ALL OF THAT FOOD. Ughhhh I wish I lived near a cool little place like that.

▲my• said...

It all looks just SO VERY GOOD.