i love you, you love me

On Valentine's Day, I found a beautifully done menu in my mailbox. I mean, look at those fonts!  There is no greater love than one that appreciates a good typeface.  That night, Ted made us a delicious home-cooked meal.  Really, he's incredible.  I don't usually like to brag, but come on. This guy is the best.  Unfortunately he had to leave that night to catch a flight to the east coast for a family gathering.  That's okay though, because I was sick (my nose matched my red dress!) and ready to go back to sleep after such a heavenly meal.
This Friday, we dressed up (my dress is from my awesome grandparents who knew how much I loved it when I saw it months ago) and wrapped up our festivities with a date night.  We went to Bamboo Sushi (pricey, but really top notch) for dinner and dessert next door at Salt & Straw where we got our favorite, Pear & Blue Cheese, and also tried Oregon Kiss. We are obsessed.  If I had one of these in Phoenix, I would go broke during the scorching summer months.  

After dinner and dessert, we went to the Keller for Swan Lake.  I found us cheap tickets on Groupon and we were looking forward to trying something new.  I've only been to The Nutcracker, and Ted's never been to the ballet at all, so it was a great first experience!

It was such a lovely night.  ♥


Natalie DiCenzo said...

Let's just get one thing straight: Ted seems like the greatest.

Anastasia said...

1. Ted is awesome (and so are you)
2. YOU SAW A BALLET- I'm so excited. I love the score to Swan Lake.

▲my• said...

Swan lake is the best Tchaikovsky ballet. Perfect music.