finding my inde-pendants

I moved to Portland for many reasons: to explore a new city, to be around like-minded folks, and to be independent.

When you get a boyfriend a month into your freshman year, that last reason takes on new meaning.  Sure, we explore the city almost every weekend, and we have a blast.  But that's just it--we.  The rare few times I have gone into the city on my own, I end up meeting up with Ted after a couple hours.  I love Ted, and I love that we get out so much together to experience Portland.  Just last night we saw War Horse (INCREDIBLE) at the Keller for free thanks to school connections--the second time we've been there in the last few days (Swan Lake on Friday).  We get to do a lot, and I feel very lucky to have found a guy that loves to do the same things.

This school year I have been working on reclaiming that last reason for moving away from everything I know.  I've been looking for the independence I had hoped to embrace in coming here.  It hasn't been easy.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a pro at being on my own--I am a homebody through and through, and love a quiet night in drinking tea and working on a project.  But even when I'm at home in Phoenix, I don't really go out on my own much unless I have to run an errand, go to an appointment, or have plans with someone.  When I have free time to myself, I usually opt to stay in and craft, hang out with my family and dog, or have a friend over. I never think to myself, "I should go get lunch and go window shopping today--on my own!"  I think part of this is to save money, but mostly it's because I just never thought about it as necessary since I already spend a considerable amount of time on my own crafting and whatnot.

It's necessary.  For the kind of person I am, at least.

This past Sunday I went into the city truly on my own for the first time.  I didn't meet up with Ted, or anyone else.  I went downtown on the school shuttle, took a bus to Northeast (the part of Portland I know least about), and spent the afternoon exploring the Alberta neighborhood, looking at shops, doing some homework with a iced chai at Barista, and taking a two-hour jewelry class at Collage where I made two pendants.  It was an absolutely delightful day, and such a refreshing experience for me.  As silly as it may sound, I am so proud of myself for doing this because one, I'm horrid with directions and got there without a hitch, and two, I really needed a "Kaylie" day to remind myself how important it is to my happiness to go out and do my own thing once in a while.

Independence and two pendants--what could be better?


Kayleigh said...

Doing things on your own IS so important! I'm glad you've got to go out on your own recently, and that sounds like a really fun day! Since I've moved I haven't had any me time, and likewise, it's great that I've moved with my boyfriend, as we support each other, but I need tot make a lesson from you and get out on my own too.

Lizzie said...

That's so awesome! It reminds me of my trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts all by myself. That was absolutely incredible, actually. A two hour adventure all on my own.

Take care.

Maggie Shirley said...

Go you for working towards more independence. I love doing things on my own. It's actually very rare that I feel the need to be around other people, so I am kind of the opposite. I have to remind myself a lot that my family and friends would like to see me at some point, haha.

Might I suggest going to a movie by yourself? Pick a quiet movie (one you wouldn't typically watch with a large group of friends), go to a late showing, sneak in some good food (like Chipotle or cake), get the seat next to the rail so you can prop your feet up, and enjoy yourself.

Natalie DiCenzo said...

Getting out and being able to explore parts of the city on your own mini adventures really sounds like a great experience! I guess I'm like Maggie in that I tend to do a lot of stuff by myself and then realize, oh yeah, I should see other people sometimes, too... haha. But yes.