iheart crafting

In love with this dish cloth that I stole from home!  Gotta show my AZ pride.
Some lovely lotion my grandparents gave me a while ago, an altoid tin shadow box of my two homes (whose birthdays are on Valentine's day!) made by Erin, and...
...the seasonal gourd!  This lil' guy is the cutest.  He is a magical gourd of all seasons.  The heart is because he loves me and Claire.
This little AZ shrine has been up all year, but it seems appropriate given Arizona's Valentine's Day Birthday.
Adorable banner made by my friend's mom.  We're pretty much kindred spirits.
That's it FOR NOW.  Who knows what else will crop up.  ;)


Natalie said...

i love the AZ touches, only the best.

Lizzi said...

Haha, Snape killed me! So funny!