Yesterday, my grandparents and I ventured down to Tucson for the day. After checking out the U of A campus, we wandered the shops nearby. I could definately see myself living there, with its unique shops and quirky characters. Plus, there is a Urban and Chipotle nearby, which is ALWAYS a good thing. Oh, and an American Apparel just in case I need extra pillow cases.

A few notes:

I found an awesome recycled-magazine box at this store called PopCycle. Everything in the store was in some way recycled, which was neat. Bonus: Hearing the outside fiddler's music wafting through the open door.

Antigone Books was a great bookstore-fix. (Always necessary!)

There were a few vintage stores sprinkled around, but we only went into How Sweet it Was. The vibe was good, the clothes fun to browse, but I couldn't find anything that would possibly fit me! That's always a sad story, but what can you do? There was a promising pair of cateyes that I tried on, but they bent forward for some reason, so that was a deal breaker. A couple of guys came in looking for hats, but unfortunately they all proved too small for them. Cute.

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love this post we had a memorial time g'ma