10 things that make me happy

Spring Break with my lovely family & friends:  Going to reading under the stars, lunch, and track & field at my mom and sister's elementary school, antiquing with grandparents, eating, reading, sewing, catching up with friends, having prime little sister time, Wednesday PJ's and 1/2 priced yogurt, brunch and movie with family,  sushi with my aunt, Easter with my grandparents a week early, watching bad movies on Netflix, hanging out with Izzy, shopping and lunch with my grandma, dyeing eggs, making mini Easter cupcakes, Easter on Easter, HOUSE HUNTERS...and then some.


I found this on the floor in my room.  Yep.

The best MAX trip on my way back to campus ever:  enjoying a green tea frappuccino (thanks for the gift card, momma) and rereading my acceptance email for London over and over.

A house to live in part of this summer/next semester.  Can't wait to decorate my tiny room!

Parks & Recreation Netflix binge (and that time I had all my classes canceled and crafted).  I'M OBSESSED.

Going to the Sellwood Tea Chai Te with my favorite people here (Ted and Claire).  Rose & Black milk bubble teas all around.  Also, I peeked in a few cute stores, antique stores, the craft store (obviously) and found a couple things at a toy store (and made a friend with the little league kiddo in front of me with a chinese finger trap).

Mad Men came back!  Ready for this season's drama (but mostly this season's costumes).

Other things not encapsulated in pictures:
Trying to eat healthier.
Wearing bright colors.  Feelin' more Kaylie in my springtime clothes.

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shelbyisms said...

We were into Mad Men for a little bit but couldn't stay interested. I heard it has gotten better, so we plan to try again when we move into our apartment in July :) Yay, couple's activities!

That house is adorable & so are you.