gaining insight, and other things

Graduation happened.  Almost-full-time at work happened.  Realizing that my metabolism isn't what it used to be happened.  You know, all that grown-up stuff.  Since graduation, I've done a lot of things: started working around 35 hours a week, landed a small business mentorship once a week, signed up for a business class for later this summer, joined a gym (that I have yet to go to, I must admit), and given up my favorite things to eat for a month (cheese, bread, and sugar namely). It's all that stereotypical "trying to take control of my life and be a productive human being" stuff, but I'm trying to embrace it. The thing I'm most ready to embrace is decorating my apartment with Ted, but they have yet to give us a move-in date!  Woo hoo!  My super-adult butt is currently camping out in an empty bedroom while the rest of my stuff is in boxes downstairs, in my car, and in Ted's old place.  We got a rug, guys!  But nowhere to put it at the moment, so it's living at FedEx.  Sigh.

One thing about being out of college:  My feet hurt.  I'm tired.  Barely any of my clothes still fit me (thanks, college). I'm eager.  I'm sad.  I'm excited.  I'm ready for adventures.  I'm ready for having a place to call my own.  I'm anxious to plan cocktail parties and craft hangouts.  I'm happy.  I'm still tired.  I know this is just the beginning, and this is life.  It's a strange, scary, but beautiful thing.  I have so much more growing to do, it doesn't seem fair to say I graduated from anything.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: "It is enlightening, albeit intimidating, to think how much control we have over our own lives." --Leandra Medine.

That gets to the crux of it all.  Life is about taking control, making your own choices, and creating your own happiness.  What a task!  I'm certainly intimidated, but ready for the challenge.

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