i'm having a Arcade Fire/Imogen Heap/Zach Braff moment

...you know how those go, right? Or not.

Makes me a bit nostalgic for 7th and 8th grade (aka the simpler days; see above with Katie's dog Lola--later we went for ice cream and hit Micheal's with Erin and Lisa).

I got silver metallic ink on that pink silk headband while I was making posters the time I ran for 8th grade Student Council delegate. I lost. I still have all my other huge bow headbands to show for though!

(And Nicole, that is the Anthropologie cardigan you handed down to me so long ago. I wore that thing to shreds merely because it was the only thing I owned from Anthro then.)

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Nicole said...

What a cute picture! I'm so glad you got good use out of the cardigan :)