Belle & Sebastian

Geez Louise. I really adore Belle & Sebastian. I've had a few of their songs for years, but just recently I got their album Dear Catastrophe Waitress--which I do realise is an old album--on my iPod and oh my gracious. I finally listened to it in its entirety while I was folding laundry the other afternoon (I practically throw parties while I fold laundry, fyi) and I was thoroughly impressed. Yum! Here's a really nice music video I found that someone made for their song Piazza, New York Catcher.

Sidenote: A somewhat hobby of mine (at least I've noticed today I quite enjoy it) is looking up lyrics on to see what other folks gather from songs, and well, their meanings. (Useful for the occasional catchy song you find yourself singing unaware of what exactly you are singing, or the irresistibly poetic song that you really love but honestly don't quite know the whole story.) Some suggestions are humorous, while others make me majorly want--more than ever--to write a song someone can find comfort in, and evoke thought. I love music. Yay.

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