500 Days of Summer

This movie surprised me. I found myself loving Summer, admiring her even, then completely feeling betrayed by her and kind of hating on her for playing with Tom's emotions. Although mostly she just made me really want to raid her closet.

The music, as I predicted, was delightful. I loved the song "Sweet Disposition" and the reference to Belle & Sebastian within the first ten minutes. The colors were nice (I always have to comment on the colors, humor me) and I loved how you could just tell blue was Summer's favorite color. The dialogue was realistic and often humorous, without trying too hard. The moments where Tom sat on the bleachers talking to his sister on her soccer timeouts were precious.

Somehow I came out this film content, even anxious for life and all its inevitable ups and downs. I'll always be a hopeless romantic.

Over all, the story was told creatively and realistically. A great lover of jumping-around stories, this was an instant success in my mind.


Kait said...

I just saw this film as well. I loved Summer because as a child of divorce I am cynical and wary of love as well. When Tom went on that blind date and the girl asked, " andshe told you all of this up front?" Yes, Summer was still a tease and didn't do Tom any favors by coming back into his life but she was honest. I am glad that Summer found someone to change her mind about falling in love and the way the film ended we are know Tom is going to be alright as well.

I concur, awesome soundtrack and overall amazing film.

Kaylie said...

I loved their conversation at the end about falling in love because it showed how much they both learned from eachother. I want to see it again!