thursday thrills

Thursdays are magical days.  Thursdays are the day you can say, "Tomorrow is Friday."  Thursdays are the day you can start making plans for the weekend.  Thursdays are just lovely.  Thus I bring to you "thursday thrills"  a weekly post of magical and lovely things I stumble across!

A clever blogger makes color comparisons with street style here and here.

Daydream about living on the road.

Watch this funny skit on Jimmy Kimmel about Kayne West's tweets.

Valentines Day is the cutest holiday ever.  Check out these sweet hearts day gifts.

I wouldn't put it past technology to make this happen for real.

A beautifully simple love song.

Pink, gray, and gold at its finest.

Happy Thursday!

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▲my• said...

You're very right! Thursdays are wonderful.

I love the "push button. receive bacon." thing. Too funny :)

Happy weekend!