what a character

I was about to begin picking out an outfit Monday night when a thought occurred to me--I should dress like a character tomorrow!  Of course, every day I feel like I'm somewhere between a Zooey and a Blair, but I wanted to try to embody another character's style.  I decided to text Melanie "Name a character from a book, movie, or show."  Of course, she immediately answered "Serena" (quick analogy:  Kaylie is to Blair Waldorf as Melanie is to Serena van der Woodsen).  The next day I wore jeans, a halter, a blazer, a couple of long gold necklaces and threw on my black peep toe heels.  Voila!  Serena.  The next day was Dwight (hello all-the-way-buttoned-up button up) thanks to Dahlya, although my suede and sherpa coat made me look somewhere between Amelia Earheart and "Brokeback Mountain" (Kate's words).   Just goes to show how important clothes are to create a character.  Here are my two favorites!

Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events (Kate's idea)
dress-Buffalo Exchange
sheer blouse-Target
cameo necklace-family heirloom
belt-antique store
ribbon-same ribbon I wore in 5th grade when I would pretend to be an "inventor" just like Violet!
tights & shoes-Target

Beautiful books!
Even in 5th grade I was impressed by the look and typography.
(Yearbooker in the making right there.)

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's (my idea)

dress-Old Navy (hand me down from Mom-I shortened it)
cardigan-Urban Outfitters
brooch (on necklace) & cocktail ring-antique store

As much as I love to dream about being glamorous, visiting Paris, and wearing fabulous shoes everyday, the truth is that the closest I usually get to this idea is spritzing on my Coco Mademoiselle Chanel perfume (from Paris-bonus points) every morning.

But to be honest, this is okay with me.   Truthfully all I really wanted to do today was watch Gossip Girl with Erin, eat cappuccino & cheesecake frozen yogurt with Melanie, and finish the second volume of The Walking Dead during French so I could start the third.  Not what you'd usually classify as glamorous, but still 100% fantastic.  So in the end, I guess I am my own character. 

Who should I try to dress like next? 


Katie said...

I love that you did Violet! I remember when I was in like, fifth grade and The End came out. My brother had just gotten off the phone with Austin and he told me that you two were going to the bookstore to get it...I was so jealous!

I love your outfits! :)

▲my• said...

Your blog has gotten a makeover! :D

I love the blue you're using for the headers.

VIOLET! I LOVED those books as a kid :)