1-1-11 was...#1?

So, the first day of 2011 I watched....four movies.  And did other fun stuff I've never done before.

I didn't even plan this!  It just sort of happened.  This is a sign about the months to come, I'm positive.  :)

12:00 AM- Watched the ball drop, made a lot of noise, did 234982 fireworks, had a dance party, and did some more fireworks

2:00 AM- Watched Marie Antoinette and blogged
12:15 PM- Woke up and bought songs on iTunes

2:30 PM- Decided to make macarons

 4:55- Saw Black Swan with Rachel

7:00 PM- Was scared out of my mind and craved nori for some reason (?).  Solution:  Go to neighborhood Walmart to Redbox Get Him to the Greek and get some nori.  The Redbox there didn't have the movie, but we did surface with nori, sticky rice, avocados, and cream cheese--we made sushi for the first time ever!  It was a blast, and I made more today for my lunch tomorrow because we had leftover mini shrimp from dinner that was begging to be sushi-fied.  I feel pretty cool, not gonna lie!

8:00 PM- Erin came over to watch a movie with us, but we ended up making the sushi and buying hair dye for her at Walgreen's.  The Walgreen's Redbox actually had Get Him to the Greek, so that was also swell!  When we got back to my place, Rachel realized she had already made plans for the night, so she left and I dyed Erin's hair, which I have never done before.  It was pretty easy!  The auburn color looks really nice on Erin too.

9:00 PM- Watched Get Him to the Greek with Erin

11:30 PM- Cleaned the kitchen (it was still messy from macarons, sushi, ect.) and put away dishes and watched It's Complicated

Also...The macarons turned out okay.  For the first time they didn't stick (thank you Martha Stewart parchment paper), but it was also the first time some of them cracked.  C'est la vie!  Even though they weren't as chewy as they should have been (probably because I left them out while I was out at the movies), I put a few together with some honey inside and they were a little delicious. 

Whew!  What a wonderful way to begin a wonderful year!

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kate said...

mmm, i have the same nori. how did the sushi turn out? i really want to try making it!