the spirit of adventure

To ask my date to Sadie's a week or so ago, I drew a house on white cardboard, cut it out, tied balloons (with the letters of my name written on them in sharpie) onto its "chimney" and stapled a note onto it that read, "Adventure is out there!  Are you UP to going to Sadie's?"

Lucky for me, I found a Sprinkles box on the door step a week later.

The dance should be a lot of fun!  I can't believe this will be my second to last high school dance...  I'm getting old.

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▲my• said...

Awww. What an adorable way to ask your date!

Haha and a super yummy way to reply. Kudos to this guy!

I haven't been to Sprinkles in forever... gotta change that!