i ♥ the weasleys

dress-Forever 21
"amies" whale necklace-Etsy
coat-Old Navy
shoes & socks-Target

Okay, last night I decided I should keep track of outfits again.  I'm thinking I don't want my future roommate to think I'm a complete weirdo for trying on 4 different outfit combos a night... But can you blame me for having so much fun with clothes?  I never did grow out of the "dress up" phase.  Oh well.  I dedicate this look to the Weasley family, because it reminds me of their kooky style. 

I think I subconsciously dress in characters...  On Monday when Pretty Little Liars came back, I wore a blazer, button up, denim pencil skirt, tights, and ballet flats.  Later I realized I dressed how much it looked like something Spencer(second on left) would wear.  As for Harry Potter, my brain is always a variation of this, so there is no doubt it comes through in my outfits.

P.S.  This post makes me so happy because I feel precisely the same!  Confession:  Harry Potter films revive my dream of being a set/costume designer every time I watch one.

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Heidi Reszies Lewis said...

Love the Weasley outfit. That jacket is to die for!