welcome 2011

You are already fantastic.  I am so happy I got to spend New Years with my friends--I love them so much.  I am so excited for all of us!  2011 is a momentous year.  

This year, I have a LOT of resolutions, big and small.

LIVE.  This is the second half of my SENIOR YEAR we're talking about.  I'm going to be doing that thing where I GRADUATE.  Then I am going to do that little thing called MOVING OUT and GOING TO COLLEGE.  I will be living in a new city (Portland) with new people and new experiences.  This is no time not to strike up conversation with some random person or try something new.  No excuses.  It's time to live live live LIVE.  And please, don't be shy.

EAT.  I baked more than I have ever baked in my life in 2010; now it's time to get better at cooking too!  I am the biggest foodie, so I also can't wait to discover all the restaurants and food carts in Portland. As hard as it is (I love food so much!) I do hope to become less carnivorous.  This will become a lot easier when I move out, but for now I will live more strictly by my "only eat meat when it's for dinner" meaning I never order meat when I am out to eat.  This is pretty easy to follow most of the time, but sometimes a burger is just necessary and sushi is my ultimate weakness (I can't give that one up).  I will try harder though, because I really do feel like I eat better when I do.

CREATE.  I did pretty well not buying clothes during 2010 (although after Black Friday I will admit I broke down a bit--hence the $5 black sequin pencil skirt I mentioned the other day--it seemed necessary for New Years...), so I will continue to honor this resolution to an extent.  After all, I do need to stock up on cold weather clothes!  I do find great pleasure in being self-reliant, so I will continue to only buy clothing I couldn't possibly make on my own (yet).

A few more:

  • Get 8 hours of sleep every night
  • Don't compare myself to others
  • Only check Facebook/email/tumblr/blog once a day (no, really!)
  • Watch more movies, read more books, see more concerts, visit more places, make more friends
  • Be helpful, charitable, and kind
  • Study more (this won't be a problem if I get into Reed...)
  • Simplify
  • Avoid multi-tasking too much (Be like Audrey: "When she reads, she reads; when she fits, she fits; when she talks clothes, she talks clothes, when she sits under a drier, she simply dries."
  • Think positively (Avoid thinking in negatives and phrases like "I wish" or "I hope."  Example: "This year is going to rock!" instead of "I hope this year rocks!")
  • Be awesome
  • Be the person I want to be

The year is already sweet--I am currently blogging on the couch with Izzy beside me and I put on Marie Antoinette while I do laundry.  Life is good.  


moonshinejunkyard said...

can't wait to see what you do next missy. you're quite the amazing spirit.

▲my• said...

Happy New Year!

I'm sure it will be amazing. How exciting to move to Portland for college.

I may be going with my dance troupe in March, still not sure yet, but it sounds so lovely. And I'd get to spend most of the week exploring.

That eight hours a day sounds wonderful.
As does the only checking facebook/tumblr/etc once.

I need to compile a list of some resolutions.