Chinese + antiquing + Juno

What a simply blissful day yesterday. My grandparents and I went out to our infamous Chinese hotspot before heading out to Merchant Square to scavange for treasures. I found a lovely $5 framed print of butterfly sketches, a $1.50 four pack of vintage cards that I intend to fancy up a bit, and a $4 gold bow pin with these little dangly chains pertruding from it. I ripped the tacky little things out and I have to say I love that gold bow quite a lot. And Juno! We saw it after antiquing. Goodness gracious, I adored it. The story, the music, the everything. It's funny because when I was browsing iTunes the other night, I checked out the soundtrack and found Anyone Else but You (by the Moldy Peaches) sung by Micheal Cera and Ellen Page and I fell in love with it. Then the next day I see the film and I fall in love with the whole enchilada. Yes, I said it. Enchilada. It was so sweet and touching. Not in a precious way, but in a real way. I think that makes sense. Regardless, it was a gem. Ellen Page was marvelous. I got a little teary-eyed, I admit. Juno, check.

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