what day is it?

It seems I am infamous for not knowing the date. It seems irrelevant. I seem to think it isn't much of a issue. Well, it certainatly IS when it interfers with forgetting you have permission to sleep in. Yes. Today is late start at my dear school and where was I more than twenty minutes ago? Waiting on the street corner waiting for my friend to appear. I finally resorted to calling her and she kindly enlightened me. I could just be waking up now! I swear I need to hot-glue my Kate Spade planner to my left palm. At least I got in some nice reading time at the end of my street while I patiently waited.


Nicole said...

I would've been so mad that I missed out on getting uninterrupted sleep! Did you go back to bed before you had to leave?

Kaylie said...

Nah, I was wide awake. (I had been so proud I got up and all ready on time--hah.)I just read a while and played around on the computer. It was nice still. :)