garden party

 Erin and I had a ball making all the decorations.
Fact: I could eat Erin & her mom's quiches the rest of my life.
 The last crumbs of my macarons
I think I ate roughly six of these.  Or seven.
 Rachel + Dahlya being adorable
 Birthday girl!
Kate, Rylee, Eric, Rachel, + Erin
Tori beside the nifty branch bouquets Erin and I made.
 Kate said I reached Blair-status (I really need to blog about my love of Blair).  My life is complete.
It all turned out quite wonderful!  I am very thankful for friends like Erin who let me be a part of the magnificent creative process of party planning--because truly, that is half the fun.  Happy 18th, Erin.

Pictures taken by me + Kate


meaghan said...

you always have the most amazing parties and festivities!
so jealous! xx

▲my• said...

looks like you guys had a wonderful time!
that party looks simply fabulous!