holidate 2013

The night finals were over, Ted and I went on our annual Christmas date.  Ted is Jewish, but he loves playing along with my Christmas festivities, and I love that I can add Hanukkah to my list of holidays to celebrate.  I mean, latkes are kind of the best thing ever...  We've spent three Christmases together now and have made it a tradition to go get lasagna at Piazza Italia.  This started our first Christmas when I was craving lasagna like no other and we looked online to find a good place to go for our Christmas date.  When we got to the restaurant, it was all decked out for Christmas and wonderful.  Since then, we have gone back to split lasagna and another pasta and it's become one of my favorite, most delicious traditions.  This year we had to wait about forty minutes for a table, so we walked around and took outfit pictures (to be posted soon) and then got some coffee and festive cake pops to hold us over and warm us up.

After a delicious meal and excited conversation about our upcoming travels, we drove to Peacock Lane for the first time and got out to walk up and down the street.  It was so sweet.  The houses are from the 20's, fit for a fairytale, and all decorated for Christmas.  Basically, I want to live there.  

It was a lovely way to end what was honestly the worst semester we've both experienced.  So thankful it's over now and I'm home to celebrate Christmas with my family, with London only two weeks away.


Lizzie said...

I've only had latkes once when my friend Zack made them, but I must agree, they are kind of the best thing ever.

I always love reading about holiday traditions.

London is two weeks away!? I'm so excited for you! And cannot wait to read about your adventures, and follow along on Instagram. :)

Natalie said...

I love how Christmassy you guys are! CAKE POPS CAKE POPS CAKE POPS.

Oh my gosh, London. LONDON!