This past Thursday morning I sat in a waiting room reading a Newsweek article at an unearthly hour of 6 AM. I never did finish that article, because I was led to a small room with an abnormally long dentist chair that I had to scoot about four feet up to get my head to rest in its special indented head space when it reclined. I hurridly thought of all the things people had told me about getting put to sleep and what they thought right before they were knocked out and this is what I thought before I got knocked out. I don't remember much more than this about my morning, because they really did a nice job knocking me out. I do remember I couldn't walk too well afterwards! My parents have happily filled in what I missed--apparently I was quite an entertaining thing to watch, but not too fun to deal with... Everyone has been so lovely about the whole thing though. I've even recieved two bouquets; one from Erin, one from Katie. I adore my friends times four-hundred and twelve times infinity and a half. I'm such a lucky duck. Oh yeah. The picture. That's what I look like. I'm not exaggerating. I mean, okay, I'm a little less hairy and am quite happy to say I don't have whiskers yet, but that's pretty accurate. Anyway, I feel quite well despite my inflatable cheeks. I've even been eating big people food! Yeah, Thursday I felt like I was eating baby food all day. I kind of sounded like one too. I'm sure you're dreadfully upset to have missed all this.

Aren't they lovely?


Katelyn said...

Are those Erin's flowers?
How pretty! I love the vase.
And yeah, you look exactly
like that, no lie!

Kaylie said...

Yeah and some of your hot pink carnations mixed in. They're scattered all over my room, I love it! Thanks again. :)

I know, really.