Every Target visit for me resides with: 1. A visit to the book section 2. A trip through the Crayola aisle, and 3. A stroll down that one particualar toy aisle with the old-timey toys such as animal figurines and wooden playsets. After completeing steps one and two, I found myself in that toy aisle, googly eyed at this monkey knitting kit. I honestly thought it was the coolest thing on earth that very moment and it still may be.

Anyway, the company, The Little Experience is completely my kind of toy company. Not only is everything do it yourself and promotes imagination and creativity, but honestly this is the coolest idea ever--the boxes, the packaging each craft comes in, can be contorted into something for your craft. For instance! The monkey's box can be converted into a rocking chair for it. And this one has really got me... The birdhouse kit's box turns into none other than a bird mobile.

Okay, so honestly tell me you're not in love.

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Nicole said...

I love the bird mobile! I bookmarked the website in favorites for when I have babies :)
I love old fashioned looking toys...