portland day 3

Avalon was super snazzy. The nice guys there were really impressed with us not being obnoxious teenagers and let me try on 342734982 vintage hats and sunglasses! My kind of fun.
The Saturday market was a blast (i.e. more hats!)...We spent a while there exploring the craftiness.
Kitty Baby Love was too much cute to handle. After realizing I wasn't six years old, I decided to buy a candle in lieu of a carton of crayons.
Quirky shirt alert.
This guy, Terry, was really cool. One man stopped by his booth and asked, "Have you been here since the seventies?" to which he replied, "I sure have!" The man went on to explain that his wife had bought one of his cards then and to this day couldn't bring herself to give it away. This made me really happy to hear.
Record store!
Can I live here?
The owner was working on this awesome lamp.
I asked the guy at Cool Moon Ice Cream if this was intentionally a Harry Potter reference. It was! This made me incredibly happy. Supposedly the Harry Potter cast visited at one time and renamed the flavors for a day.
Outside Powell's Books, the HUGEST bookstore I have EVER been IN. We're talking a whole block, four stories high. I could spend days in that place!

Moral of story: I ♥ PORTLAND


▲my• said...

So much awesome!
I want to go to Portland now! :D

Those crayons are awesome... I would've ended up going home with one in every color. Haha.

Wow! and being a total Harry Potter geek I am in love with the water pitcher. How cool. Haha I may just have to make a water bottle cozy that says "Aguamenti" now. xD

moonshinejunkyard said...

i love powells so much! i bring a little notebook to take down ideas as i look at millions of different beautiful books. i like the section on natural houses. also, whales, midwifery, and of course literature! have you been to city lights in san francisco? you'd love it. and that old man with his cards is KILLING ME!!!