just hear me out

All my life I have been really short for my age.  This has worked out okay for me until these last few years. I don't mind being called short, but once I hear the words "little" or "middle schooler" I tend to be thrown over the edge.  I'm 17 and the world seems to think I'm 12!  I know what you're going to say.  "Be thankful.  When you're older you'll look younger than your friends."  Well, try to walk in my shoes (and yes, they are abnormally small, thanks for noticing).  Do you think it feels good to be called "a baby" when you're almost 18?  Do you think it feels great to hear, "You don't look old enough" to be in high school, to be driving, ect. when in the next few months you'll be applying for college?

I consider myself to be a pretty confident person, but constantly hearing these things really gets me down.  So next time you meet someone new, don't think their miniature size is a good ice breaker.  If they are anything like me (and I speak for all short people trying to grow "up"), they don't find it flattering to be mistaken as a middle-schooler.



▲my• said...

I know exactly what you mean!
When I was younger I was "taller for my age" but at eleven I just stopped growing entirely. I've been somewhere around 5'3" ever since. Just the other day I was getting fish and chips and the lady at the counter commented on the Pirates of the Carribean t-shirt I was wearing. I said "thank you" and the mentioned that I'd had it since I was eleven, and she laughed and said "but that was only a year or two ago right?". :( I'm going to be nineteen next month, it's so frustrating when people think you're tweleve or thirteen.

So, last night I went and looked at my friend's facebook to see what year he graduated, and it turns out he goes to Mountain Ridge not Mountain View haha oh well...

Keri said...

What prompted this?? Did someone offend you???