mr. flowers

Okay, nerdy confession:  My iPod has a name.

I can explain myself, I swear.

In sixth grade, something magnificant happened--I got my first iPod.  It was a Mini, it was lime green, and at the time, it was the smallest, most wonderful gadget I had ever held in my hands. I held it gently in my hands; it was so small, I was afraid I'd crush it.  How things change!

The first CD I downloaded onto it was Hot Fuss by The Killers.  This was fitting, since Hot Fuss was my first actual CD, one that wasn't a movie soundtrack or affiliated with some Disney Channel star.  (Thankfully it introduced me to a whole new world of music, one including The Strokes, Interpol, and Death Cab for Cutie.)  I would listen to that CD every night, Brandon Flower's voice singing "Everything Will Be Alright" as my lullaby. 

So naturally, my iPod was dubbed Mr. Flowers.  Of course.  And let me tell you, he was a faithful iPod.  As the other iPods got skinnier, brighter, and more colorful, he remained loyal for over four years.  Now he is replaced by a skinny purple Nano, but the thought of my sixth grade self, listening to The Killers on my precious, fragile Mr. Flowers always makes me smile. 

Anyway, watching this video for Brandon Flowers' solo album made me think of this, because it brings me back to my Killers-obsessed self that is always waiting patiently for me to pop in one of their albums and sing along to every word.  Enjoy!

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▲my• said...

How Cool!

I have an even nerdier confession being that my i-pod also has a name and it's name it T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), the space ship in Doctor Who xD