today i am thankful for...calm nights

This semester.  It's been a lot.  Tonight is a welcome change of pace from the go, go, go--I just got home from yoga, and now I am doing laundry, watching embarrassing TV online, and doing some research about possible thesis options.  Yep, that's a thing.  Since I'm going to be abroad in the Spring, and my advisor is going to be gone next Fall, we have to talk about it this Friday.  THIS FRIDAY.  I don't have to make any crazy decisions yet, but the fact that I am even thinking about my senior thesis right now is a little insane.  But for now, I am enjoying my embarrassing TV and laundry.  Later tonight when Ted gets home from the library, we are going to Bannings with friends, then ending the night with New Girl.  I even get to sleep in tomorrow since my Biology professor is doing field work in Jamaica.  Life is good.

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