winter is coming

It's been a cold November so far.  We're heading fast into winter.  I'm already excited for what little snow we might get this year!  In a little over two weeks, I go home.  A month from today will be the last day of classes.  In less than two months, I will be in London.  What even is life?  I'm not complaining (except about the whole I-still-have-a-month-of-school-left thing).  It's just a lot to take in.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the season of plaid, wool, and annoying colds (Ted and I were both sick this weekend).  It seems like every time it starts getting cold, I become infatuated with gray.  It's not a color I usually gravitate towards, but as winter approaches, it seems rather appropriate, especially paired with plaid.  Oh, plaid.

Plaid Dress/Urban Outfitters, Red Dress/Urban Outfitters, Coat/Old Navy, Velvet Headband/from when I was a kiddo, Schnauzer Brooch/Vintage, Belt/Thrifted, Tights/Urban Outfitters, Shoes/Born

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Dillon said...

I hope you guys got over the colds, those are no fun to deal with.