colorful in kensington

Not surprisingly, I'm the only person I've seen in Kensington with bright tights.  I've seen a few dark purples on the tube, but nothing to rival my lime green, hot pink, or bright yellow ones.  It's a little unnerving being the odd one out in a sea of black and gray figures, but I'm trying to embrace it.  I just need to get back out to Shoreditch (where the Brick Lane markets I mentioned were) to discover the more colorful bits of London.  Across from where Eva and I took photos was a cute little furniture store with this crazy and colorful patchwork that was even more colorful than me, which I appreciated finding amongst the posh designer stores nearby (although the prices at the furniture store were just as expensive).  

I absolutely love Kensington.  In our neighborhood, we have beautiful residential buildings, a lovely French pastry shop called Aux Merveilleux with meringues and chocolate brioche, an "authentic American" cupcake shop called Hummingbird Bakery, and multiple free museums.  I have so much more left to explore. More museums, more pastries!  The other day I went to the Natural History Museum with some people, and today Eva and I saw a small part of the Victoria & Albert Museum, including the fashion section which was so wonderful.  We're making progress, but there is so much more to see!

Dress/vintage, Cardigan/H&M, Headband/J.Crew, Earrings/Kate Spade, Ring/Kate Spade, Tights/Angelina, Shoes/Dansko

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Kate said...

Perfect! Your outfit, hair, and accessories are the best. Lke #1 all the way.