keeping it classy

School has officially started, although I have to say that "school" does not quite sum up what we've been doing.  Our culture class is taught by a brilliantly personable and fashionable man who we basically just chatted with for three hours and it never got boring.  Our theatre teacher is an interesting man, who I think we will all grow to love as we get to know him.  He's definitely more approachable out of the classroom, as our six hour walk around London proved (more about that later).  Our art history teacher is a young, attractive Italian-British guy who is incredibly charming and humorous.  I learned so much in our first three hour class!  All of our proceeding classes will take place in museums.  Yep, that's happening.  I'm so excited.  
For our first theatre outing, we went to see The Odyssey at the Bussey Building (which is a super cool warehouse space).  It was an improvised piece in a small thrust theatre with only hula hoops and sticks as props.  They kept the story fresh each book (there are 24 books) by passing around a pot of shards with little phrases on each to inform them how to perform the book.  It was fascinating and impressive how they were able to improvise the narrative on such short notice. 

For our second theater class, we literally walked everywhere, reading scenes from plays from long-ago, referencing the old buildings or the ground they once stood on.  Six hours of walking around London. That was our school day yesterday.  I feel so extremely lucky to have London as my classroom. 

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wOw, amazing pics! Yes you are always classy indeed! sO happy and excited for you! live it up and keep taking great pics. enjOy! : ))