new tunes


I'm starting to get back into the blogging groove (as well as the normal-living groove--still not sure what's up with my sleeping habits and appetite).  I know I have so many adventures to share, but right now I'm still in my PJ's and trying to figure out summer work, so listening to new music seemed appropriate.  Thought I'd share a few finds.  Feel free to share your own!

Although I heard about them back when they were YouTube sensenations (I think from Cup of Jo), I've become increasingly more obsessed with their sound this past year,  Also, their style is just too cool to even handle.

This song sounds like it belongs in the newest Mad Men season, which I just started watching yesterday.  I'm into it.

I have to be honest--this little album sneakpeak isn't anything too surpising, but Andrew Bird is an artist that I respect so much, and everything he does is pretty magical.  When Ted and I saw him in Portland, we were so impressed with his charm and professionalism.  What a whistling stud.

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