what if

It's late. I should be convincing myself to go to sleep, but I'm hyped up on an episode of Gilmore Girls and the fact that I managed to organize my sewing class fabric perfectly into my picnic basket/suitcase, so I thought I'd share this adorable trailer for What If I just came across.  As a huge Harry Potter fan, I'm always happy to see Daniel Radcliffe's face, but this is the first post-Potter movie of his that I've actually felt like I need to see.  You could say I'm a sucker for a sweet Rom Com. You could say that quite loudly...because it's very true. I've seen Zoe Kazan on screen only twice--in Ruby Sparks, which I just watched last summer while alone in Portland and enjoyed, and in It's Complicated, which I've seen a few times because it seems to be on TV often (or used to, at least) and it's just one of those cozy movies that always seem okay to leave on while baking or whatnot.  The two of them appear to make an almost unbearably cute pair, and I can't wait to see this with a girl friend, or Ted.  In theaters August 1st.

Also, there's this.  I need to read the book this summer, obviously.  And yes, I am currently deprived of movie-going. Or shall I say, going to the cinema.


Maggie Shirley said...

What If looks so charming. I love Daniel Radcliffe. Also, This Is Where I Leave You is a lovely book. Jonathan Tropper is the best.

Lizzie said...

Both movies look super cute!