photo diary: san francisco

Okay, so the contents of this post happened nearly two months ago (wait, what?!), but after a FaceTime session with Erin, my sister, and Izzy (Erin got to hang out with my lil' sis and snuggle my dog--I'm jealous), I am missing my best friends from back home.  I was lucky enough to have a girls road trip with Erin and Rylee (and Domenico for a day) on my way to Portland.  We stopped in Berkeley for a couple of nights (to sleep and eat pizza) and spent one day in San Francisco.  We decided to hit the essentials--the pier, the penny arcade, Little Italy, Golden Gate Park, and Haight St.  It was such a beautiful time spent with two of my favorite ladies and brought so much happiness into my heart.  I really could not ask for lovelier friends--they are the special kind that are equally good at chatting over cocktails and crafting in silence to 90's pop music.  Is there a better kind of friend?  

Traveling for the first time since Europe, I experienced a lot of nostalgia and remembering little details or stories. I felt a relief wash over me.  Since getting home, I had this worry that I would forget everything that happened to me the past five months.  I quickly realized that I won't forget--those moments are a part of me now.  I almost cried when I saw the above journal, because it summed up what I was feeling so perfectly.  My suitcase heart will always leave room for more souvenirs.

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