thursday thrills

I'm still in the process of making a fall playlist, so this one from HelloGiggles will do for now.

Itching to try some fall-inspired recipes like this pie and these cupcakes.

Getting pumped for the collection of craft supplies & home goods at A Beautiful Mess.  What can they not do?  I'm convinced they are going to take over the crafty world.  (Can I be an accomplice?)

Ever since living in London, I've gotten more into wearing makeup (probably because I was living in such a posh city and rooming with beauty queen Eva).  I still haven't convinced myself to buy anything new, but Rebecca from The Clothes Horse has a similar makeup routine to mine, so I might need to take some cues from her.

Gilmore Girls is on Netflix.  Enough said.

Happy Fall, y'all. It's time to go buy some tiny pumpkins (FINALLY!).

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