eat here: pink door in seattle, wa

Hidden in an unmarked building, The Pink Door is a wonderland of dimly-lit Italian dishes surrounded by a European-bohemian vibe.  This whimsical restaurant is also home to cabaret, music, tarot, opera, and magic.  As if the food wasn't magic enough!  While Ted and I were visiting Seattle over October break, we went to the Pink Door for our three-year anniversary dinner after having it recommended to us by a couple of people who had never been there but had heard wonderful things about it.  Well, they heard right!  We ordered the Leaning Tower of Eggplant and a tasty ginger cocktail to get us started.  Then, we splurged on two pasta dishes and felt no remorse about it.  The Pumpkin Gnocchi was heavenly and the Linguine Alle Vongole (Linguine with Clams) was so simply perfect.  Ted and I agreed it was definitely one of the best meals we have ever eaten--which is saying a lot, considering how big of foodies we are.  Definitely worth the splurge on our special day.  And hey, it's good to know it's only a couple hours away if we're ever feeling extravagant again.

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Erin Regan said...

Yes! My family went there when we visited Seattle a few years ago. It's heavenly.