I'm looking forward to the new year.  It will be an opportunity to start fresh--that is something I always love, but this year… I need it.  I'm in this weird transitional phase in my life where at the same time I'm as happy and confident as I have ever been, yet I have absolutely no idea what I want in life, much less what I want to wear.  It seems trivial, but for someone who loves clothes/costume so much, it's quite a disorienting feeling not knowing what this new and improved Kaylie should wear.  Have any of you experienced this phenomenon?  I literally stand in front of my closet for minutes and minutes and then end up wearing one of the three outfits I feel comfortable in.  This is not usual Kaylie behavior--I usually spend many minutes devising a fun, slightly weird, but coordinating outfit.  Maybe it's because I spent five months with a limited wardrobe, but I am reaching for much simpler outfits these days (with some spunk--like the number above back in Greenwich, sigh).

A part of me feels sad, like I've lost something, but another part of me is like, Well, you didn't expect to dress the same way your entire life, did you?  I've changed, for the better.  Why shouldn't my taste?  The best part of this is realizing how much I love some of the pieces I already own that I took for granted. Like that pink loose-knit sweater I got on sale at Target a couple of summers ago for a costume (aka it wasn't my "style")? I'm planning on wearing it tomorrow, for the 924278th time this fall.  I just can't stop pairing it with my light blue short-sleeved button-up and black Kate Spade bow necklace, okay?!  It makes me feel like a classy creative professional and I love it…Is that weird?

The clothes are just a small part of it.  What do I want?  Someone just tell me already.  Thanks.

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shelbyisms said...

I love this post - realizing my wardrobe was changing with my personality was difficult. I pitched 80% of my wardrobe. UGH. Good luck with the soul searching, friend. We love you!