january to-make list

A woven mat I have a ton of random yarn that I could use for this project, and if it turns out nicely, I'd love to buy some more fun, colorful, textured yarns and trimmings to make another one.  Currently my house is covered in yarn (shh, don't tell my housemates--I'll vacuum before they get back) because it's been weaving central for the past week or so.  I love weaving because it helps me stay in the moment and embrace the uncertainty of it.  I never plan out a design--I just wing it.  And that feels so, so good.  Especially when it turns out super special (and most likely really weird).  However, I do want to start weaving more practical things, so this tiny mat would make a nice transition into household items that aren't just artsy wall hangings.
Homemade valentines. Back in high school I use to have a tradition of making them while watching Love in the Afternoon and then hand them out at the lunch table on Valentine's Day.  One year, almost everyone else did the same and I actually went home with a bag full of valentines for the first time since elementary school!  Some traditions should never fade once we get older, and telling your friends you love them for no reason whatsoever other than it's a sparkly, lovey-dovey holiday is one of them.  I hope to get them done in January because 1) Holidays are my life and 2) I have the time before going back to school and 3) PINK! RED! GLITTER GLUE!
Meals that don't include pasta.  This is a toughie, because pasta is just so easy and just so delicious.  But I'm trying.  I really am.  Look, instead of pasta one time, I used spaghetti squash.  I'm getting there, I really am.  With the help of my momma, some new recipe books (one devoted solely to french fries--it is a revelation; thank you Erin), and some blogs, I will conquer my fear of cooking.

Anything on your list this month?  Any easy recipes you want to share with my poor soul?


Dillon said...

You're on a blogging spree! I'd love to see some of your finished woven stuff, it sounds like a lot of fun.
I made butternut squash soup recently and it turned out pretty good in my opinion! I'm all about that squash.

lina said...

i love this post! that rug looks beautiful. your weavings are so amazing, i can't wait to see what your rug will look like.
last year a couple of us girls had galentine's day, & i'm hoping to do it again this year. i'm going to make valentine's again for it & you were just inspiring me!
meals without pasta is so hard to think about because i just LOVE pasta! but for me, pinterest is definitely my go to place for new recipes.
love ya kaylie!