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So Ted did this awesome thing where he tricked me into thinking I was spending New Year's Eve alone (everyone is still at home on break).  I was enjoying my night, embracing it with some champagne in the bath, and making dinner while singing and dancing embarrassingly in the kitchen.  Ted told me that he was also making the same dinner, and we would eat together over FaceTime and ring in the new year together.  

Well, that happened, but in an even better way.  He actually showed up on my doorstep at 10:30pm!  I had convienently just finished dinner, and thankfully my eyes are bigger than my stomach, and I had enough for both of us!  These past few days have been a delightful surprise--we've been spending every day together, and I feel so grateful for his early return!  

Yesterday was spent exploring SE Division, which is an area we're not as familiar with, but love the vibe of.  We daydreamed about living in a posh apartment we can't afford, and I bought a cute duffle bag on sale at Adorn with big dreams of taking it on 329439 road trips.  We even got sentimental about London (my favorite pastime).  After meeting up with some friends for tea at Townshend's Tea, we made our way to Bollywood Theater, an Indian restaurant that Ted has been wanting to go to.  We ate some Samosas, Paneer Kita Rolls, and Pork Vindaloo and got homesick for London's Brick Lane, where we would wander the streets covered in street art drinking up the smells of Indian food while we munched on some samosas.  My favorite London food memory by far.  Take me back!  For now, the delicious flavors of Bollywood Theater will have to suffice.  

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